• Become a published author now!

  • What would it mean for you and your business to be the author of a book?

    It gives you instant credibility

    … opens doors to prospects and influencers
    … and lets you stand out from the crowd

    But doesn't it take years of work to write a book?

    Not anymore!

  • Here's Our Simple Four-Step Process ...

    1. We sketch out an outline.

    We talk by phone or Skype to clarify your goals, understand your expertise, and plan an outline for the book's content.

    2. We get your ideas out of your head.

    We do a series of Skype interviews to get your ideas out of your head. We work through the outline, capturing your key ideas, messages and unique stories that will bring the book to life.

    3. You sit back and relax!

    Then leave the rest to us! I'll work with my team to turn the interview recordings into a published book! We take care of everything - including writing, editing, cover design, ISBN, QR codes, National Library of Australia data - and of course, printing!

    4. Your book arrives on your doorstep.

    90 days after the interviews, you'll get a box of books on your doorstep - ready for you to start using to leverage your expertise and build your authority.


    We also publish your book in e-book form, so it appears in the Amazon Kindle store, Apple iBooks store, and elsewhere.

    Congratulations - You're an Author!

  • Want to be more involved?

    Sure, no problem!


    We can do everything for you, and make sure your book genuinely reflects your idea and style. But we love working with you more closely if you wish. You can review drafts, have input into covers, and so on. Do as little or as much as you like.

  • Why should you use this service?

    It's getting harder to cut through the clutter.

    You've got the experience. You know your stuff. You know you can help - if only you can reach the right people.


    Social media has made everybody an "expert", and it's getting harder to cut through the clutter. But being a published author still has that magic ring to it - and it can turn your expertise into more business.

    You'll actually get it done!

    If you've been thinking about writing a book, it's time to stop thinking about it and actually do it!


    It's not easy if you're trying to do it yourself. But that's the point! You use other experts for other parts of your business - especially in marketing. So why not use our expertise in writing a book?

    You have a professional team.

    I love writing - and I'm good at it! I have published 11 books, as well as hundreds of other e-books, reports, and articles.


    I'll oversee your entire project, and work with a team of specialists to ensure you get a high-quality product that stands out.

    We have a proven track record.

    Forbes magazine rated me the #1 social media influencer in Australia in book publishing.

  • Let's Talk!

    This service isn't right for everybody. So fill in this form and I'll get back to you to have to a chat about it. If it's not a good fit for either of us, we'll know after a quick 10-minute chat.

  • Download My Free Book

    If you would like to know more about the process of writing a book, get my free book "Authority", which explains the process of planning, writing, publishing and promoting your book.

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